145,000 Chromebook 11 Chargers Recalled In Service After Serious Damages Reported

Google and HP’s Chromebook 11 was announced back in October as an affordable, yet well-built model especially dedicated for general home use. Besides that, it was presented as being the first laptop to come with a micro-USB charger which was supposed to work just fine if you’d want to use it for charging several smartphone and tablet models as well. But things didn’t turned out as initially planned and repeated incidents of overheating and melting determined the two companies to recall the Chromebook 11 micro-USB chargers. This recall involves a number of 145,000 units, but if you already bought this model, there is no reason to be worried about that.

We advise you to stop using the Chromebook 11 charger and simply contact Google to ask for a free replacement. Like that, your problem will immediately be solved and you’ll enjoy your Chromebook 11 without having to be worried about any sort of overheating problem of its charger. So, don’t hesitate to go to their Chromebook website or to call 1-866-628-1371.

Chromebook 11 Chargers Recalled In Service

Chromebook 11 Chargers Recalled In Service

We also want to point out that there is nothing wrong with the actual chromebook, despite of the fact that it was removed from several retail shelves last month. This voluntary action was for supporting people and giving the two companies enough time to find and fix the reported problems. From what we know so far, Google has received no more than nine reports of chargers overheating and melting during use, as well as a report of a small burn to a consumer and another one of a minor damage to a pillow caused by an overheating charger.

Apart from that, just as our source also consideres, Chromebook 11 remains an impressive $280 laptop that can be an ideal choice for those with a limited budget, but we know that people tend to overreact, so we are wondering about its future. Knowing what it has just happened, have you totally removed it from your wish list or would you still give it a try?