LG G3: Specs and Availability Leaked

LG’s next-generation flagship phone for 2014 looks quite impressive, at least according to the latest rumors. You’ve probably guessed that we are talking about none other than the upcoming LG G3 and despite of the fact that isn’t expected to release until the second half of next year, we already want to present you some of its specs. Gathering all the pieces of information is not such an easy task, but we think that we are very close to what LG G3 will be able to offer us all even before seeing it at CES 2014 which will take place next month. So, for all those curious ones, here’s what we have found out:

First of all, one of the most interesting detail is that LG G3 is rumored to have none other than a 1,440 x 2,560-pixel quad HD display. As you probably know, Quad HD is just a name for 2K resolution, so we are going to receive a smartphone with a display that has a resolution of more than 2,000 pixels. Despite of the fact that these rumors don’t actually specify how large the display will be, we can already tell you that LG showed off a new 5.5-inch quad HD display back in August and we tend to believe that it was referring to its upcoming LG G3.

The Upcoming LG G3

The Upcoming LG G3

Even more, its specs list seems to include an octa-core processor based on the Cortex-A50 design. But we cannot tell you anything regarding the clock speed for the moment. Another specification is known for sure, as our source confirms: LG G3 will pack an impressive 16-megapixel rear camera equipped with various image editing tools and we hope to see a secondary camera as well.

But although we have some impressive specs in front of us, it is very difficult to anticipate if this LG G3 will be or not successful. To be honest, things don’t look so great for LG if we take in consideration its G2 smartphone. They’ve sold only around 2.2 million units to date, a number way below the company’s expectation of at least 3 million units. But who says that the history will also repeat for LG G3?