Privat OS Android On Blackphone With Secure Browsing

Smartphone companies come and go, where maybe they just come for now. This is also the case of the newly arrived Blackphone on the smartphone market. The device is a joint venture between Geeksphone and Silent Circle, which think they will be changing the way of thinking of their future customers. What they are hoping to do, is to eliminate the effort of the smartphone manufacturers of constantly depending on different carriers or vendors around the world. To put it differently, I think they would aim at slowly but surely gaining the world`s exclusivity. At least this is my opinion on how they want to operate things in a world of an already consumed smartphone market.

From what we can hear, as our source mentions, the Blackphone will be using a different never heard version of Android, called PrivatOS, being based on a secured framework in terms of mobile communications. This means that you are allowed to “make and receive secure phone calls”, as they state, can exchange or store any secured files, also visualize secured video calls or chat, and do other things, also securely.

Privat OS Android on Blackphone

Privat OS Android on Blackphone

With the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, Blackphone is planning to use a certain all superiority strategy by reiterating a famous quote” give back the power to the people”, in terms of giving back the “power back to the user”, as our source also states.

Blackphone is said to be as strong as its top competitors from the market. Still, they didn’t come up with any specs concerning the Blackphone. Not even a single hint, besides knowing that it will be running on their on PrivatOS kind of Android, as stated earlier in this article. But what seems to be true, they surely got our attention, and we will keep an eye on this strange by definition, smartphone, yet revolutionary???

What do you think guys? Want freedom of communications or secured phone and video calls? Is that we should expect from Blackphone?