Galaxy S5 Active and S5 Zoom are Officially Confirmed

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We are used to seeing Samsung releasing several different versions of its devices and it’s likely for the company to continue with its strategy for its newest flagship phone as well. So, this shouldn’t come to much as a surprise, but we can finally tell you for sure that just as its predecessor, Galaxy S5 will be released in several versions too. These Galaxy S5 Active and S5 Zoom are just some of them and they seem more than interesting indeed, but we have decided to take a closer look as long as they are officially confirmed.

Galaxy S5 Active

The Korean-language ET News has just reported us about an upcoming Galaxy S5 Active that should be both water-resistant and dust-resistant (just like its predecessor) and we can tell you from now that the Korean company has big plans for this handset.

Galaxy S5 Active and S5 Zoom are Officially confirmed

Galaxy S5 Active and S5 Zoom are Officially confirmed

To be more specific, Samsung is predicting that its S5 Active has all the chances to predominate the global S5 series sales with an amazing percentage of 20% (if not even 30%). So, although we have no other technical details revealed for the moment, we can only imagine that Samsung has a card up in its sleeve if it wants such a thing, especially taking in consideration that the Galaxy S4 Active has only comprised about 4% of Galaxy S4 sales worldwide.

Galaxy S5 Zoom

Besides this Galaxy S5 Active, Samsung will also launch a Zoom model of the Galaxy S5 in the coming months. As you can already expect from its name, this version will come equipped with strong camera capabilities, but it’s still too early to be talking about specific details. We can only add the fact that the Indian site Zauba has just included a new listing for an SM-C115 Samsung mobile camera that has a 4.8-inches display witha qHD (960×540) resolution and a future price of 32,600 Indian rupees (around $584), as our source confirms.

But this might not be this handset that we are talking about, so we’ll be back with more details.

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