Revolutionary Samsung Phone – Screen that Curves Around The Edges

Both Samsung and LG have brought us smartphones with curved displays: we are referring to the Samsung Galaxy Round and the LG G Flex devices that you all know. No one can deny that these handsets have come up with something new and LG Flex’s display actually does flex comparing to the Round’s limited flexibility, but we didn’t received that sparkling that we were expecting at. A decent flattening is far from being revolutionary! An upcoming Samsung Phone promises us much more than that: a screen that actually curves around the edges. The idea sounds much better, we all agree with that, but is such a thing even possible?

Based on the Youm Concept

Do you remember the Youm concept that the Korean company has previously introduced at CES in 2013? This is exactly how this upcoming Samsung phone is supposed to work as well.

Revolutionary Samsung Phone - Screen that Curves Around The Edges

Revolutionary Samsung Phone – Screen that Curves Around The Edges

To be more precise, Samsung plans to create a ‘bent smartphone’ with a plastic-based display that could easily wrap around one side of the screen; in this manner, a smart bezel would be immediately formed so that it could normally display the usual interface elements. And we already know for sure that this phone is going to join the Galaxy family!

Exclusively for the Niche Market

An analyst of KDB Daewoo Securities has already specified the main purpose of such a device, pointing out that we are talking about a number of a few million units that will reach exclusively the niche market by the end of this year.

As for the idea of a completely foldable display, it seems that Samsung has already presented some prototypes to potential partners at CES this year, but only behind closed doors. Anyway, as our source suggests, the company has to do much more than this flexible display technology if it really has in mind the idea of such a foldable smartphone, but nothing is known for sure at this point.

We’ll just keep an eye on things and let you know what happens next with this Samsung mysterious device with a screen that curves around the edges.