Dennis Woodside Is Leaving Motorola in Favor of Dropbox

There is no longer a mystery that Lenovo plans to get Motorola’s business; we all know that the company was already bought from Google for no less than $3 billion. Expensive acquisition, we might say, but also a profitable one! Anyway, Lenovo might get Motorola, but not the company’s current CEO Dennis Woodside who is prepared to leave its company in favor of Dropbox, where he’ll become the new Chief Operating Officer. This news is something that no one has seen coming and from what it seems at this point, this major executive departure is completely voluntary.

The Beginning of Motorola’s Story

Dennis Woodside has joined Google back in 2003, but it was finally shifted to Motorola when Google has acquired the business three years ago. So, Woodside was involved on the process of creating two of the most popular Motorola smartphones running on Android: Moto G and Moto X, not to mention what an important role he has played in the experimental product development, including the Project Ara regarding a modular smartphone concept design that should be highly user-customizable.

Dennis Woodside Is Leaving Motorola in Favor of Dropbox

Dennis Woodside Is Leaving Motorola in Favor of Dropbox

Future Motorola Plans: Jonathan Rosenberg and Nikesh Arora

And if you are curious to find out who’s going to replace Woodside, it seems that Jonathan Rosenberg, the SVP of Products from 2002 to 2011 is the one ready to step in as COO at Motorola Mobility starting with April 1. The two of them have worked very closely and have been involved in the company’s product decisions in the past, so no one could have thought of a better choice. As for Google Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora, she will continue to remain in her Executive Chairman of the Motorola Operating Board position, but especially dedicated to the chances caused by Lenovo’s acquisition.

Why Dropbox?

As we have told you, Dropbox is waiting Dennis Woodside with the official COO position at the end of March. Although it isn’t yet clear of what new project we might be talking about, it is obviously that their decision was a calculated one given Woodside’s reputation as being an amazingly capable and dedicated leader.