Nokia X Android-powered Device: New Teaser Ahead of the MWC Announcement

Nokia doesn’t want us to loss our interest regarding its upcoming Nokia X Android-powered device, so it has just introduced a new teaser through the Chinese micro-blogging Web site Sina Weibo ahead of the 2014 MWC announcement which is scheduled to take place on Monday, February 24, from 8:30 – 9:30 am local time. Are you one of those enthusiastic ones waiting for this handset  to reach the market? We have nothing against that, but we only want to warn you that this teaser image has no new clues to offer. In fact, many of you might consider it as being one of the strangest photo’s that the company could have posted, but let’s take a closer look and try to understand its meanings.

Unusual Choice

As you can see by yourself, Nokia uses a green-coloured image and there is no surprise coming from that as long as we all know that this is the bold color choice of its upcoming Nokia X. But the image also includes a dog, a tree, an UFO and the letter ‘X’ confirming that this is the device that we are talking about and not any other one that could be there waiting for its confirmation. Why these choices (considered if not strange, at least unusual) taken from a respectable company such as Nokia?

Nokia X Android-powered Device

Nokia X Android-powered Device

The dog might represent the popular term ‘dogfooding’ where both devices and apps are being internally tested; or maybe it’s Nokia’s way of showing that there’s a time when we can have fun and let our wildest ideas seen by the world.

Meet Us Under The Tree

Nokia has also sent out the media invite for the upcoming MWC press event and guess what is their message saying? The phrase ‘Meet Us Under The Tree’ starts to make sense now that we have also seen this Nokia X teaser image, so let’s just accept it as it is, as a possible invitation of having a good time and enjoying what the company has to offer.