Galaxy S5 To Come with Kids Mode Software

We know that many of you feel that Windows Phone is far behind competition, but there is one feature that we can find exclusively here. We are referring to that special Kid’s Corner, allowing you to control what your children can do with your handset when lending it to them. We are all expecting for Samsung’s latest upcoming flagship to be amazing and there is no mystery that the company has pushed the boundaries of display density and power, but the best part is that Samsung wants something similar for the Android world too. In such a context, it seems that there are big chances for its Galaxy S5 to be the first one to come with a so-called Kids Mode Software.

The Best Guide: Kroko, the Popular Cartoon Character

As you can imagine, this mode is also supposed to help parents create child-friendly environment on their device, filled with capabilities that you and your little ones will simply love using.

Galaxy S5 To Come with Kids Mode Software

Galaxy S5 To Come with Kids Mode Software

If you have ever used Windows Phone before, then this Kids Mode will be very easy to understand; if not, here we are to offer you some guidance. Have you ever heard about Kroko, the popular cartoon character? Your child certainly had, so he won’t have any problem with the idea of accepting it in Android’s world.

Kroko is also the one guiding you on how to create an account for your child, including creating a PIN to control Kids Mode, as well as options for customizing the settings of your new account. Here we can include elements starting with the usual access to a limited number of apps all the way to the ability to set a timer in order to precisely decide how much playtime your child can get or to set an option to get both free and paid apps (only after entering the PIN, of course).

Kids quick panel and Kids Mode interface

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 screen is supposed to act as a control panel, letting you to start and close the Kids Mode, as well as to choose certain parental control settings. As for the Kids Mode interface, it is supposed to be vividly colored, but sadly there are no photos revealed up to now. Probably Samsung still wants to keep some things for its Unpacked 2014 event in Barcelona, Spain, so we’ll be back with more details.