Galaxy Note 3 Neo Hits Germany for 579 Euros

A German online retailer listed the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo phablet as being available for pre-order for a price of no less than 579 Euros. This number is much higher than we were all expecting, especially if we take in consideration the fact that its Note 3 predecessor is currently available for a much better price (somewhere between 500 to 520 Euros), but don’t jump to conclusions until knowing the entire story. We are only talking about the retail offer in this country, so Galaxy Note 3 Neo might become available in stores with a completely different price, as we have anticipated in the first place.

Decent Specs

As a refresher, we want to tell you that Samsung Galax Note 3 Neo is equipped with decent specs, getting its power from a hexa-core processor paired with 2 GB of RAM, while those 16GB can be expanded to 64GB via a microSD card.

Galaxy Note 3 Neo Hits Germany for 579 Euros

Galaxy Note 3 Neo Hits Germany for 579 Euros

Its 8 MP rear camera coming with a BSI sensor seems though pretty interesting, not to mention that it features the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean version. And if you are looking for an unlocked and free of any carrier branding phablet, Samsung Galax Note 3 Neo is once again an ideal choice.

Availability in Germany

There are no details on their shipping date up to now, that is something that you should know before taking the decision of ordering it. But this is the story in Germany only. For example, the Korean smartphone manufacturer has already made its Galaxy Note 3 Neo available in the Indian market for Rs 40,990.

As for the price in Germany, this Galaxy Note 3 Neo has to be more affordable than the original Note 3 for in order to attract consumer’s attention, so we’ll be back with new details once retailers from there start offering the phablet.

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