Samsung Targets to Become World Tablet Leader by 2015

According to the last year`s reports, Samsung has been declared the world leading smartphone manufacturer, with the biggest handset sales, but it is still far behind Apple concerning the tablet market. Samsung is lower with around 10 percent than the Apple`s 30 percent shares of the world tablet market. But Samsung will not let things go on Apple`s direction on that matter, and has big plans to overcome the American manufacturer, planning to become the largest worldwide tablet provider until 2015.

The co-CEO and the chief of the mobile division at Samsung, JK Shin, revealed the Korean smartphone manufacturer`s plans of focusing entirely on the tablet segment for the remaining of the year.

Samsung Targets to Become World Tablet Leader by 2015

Samsung Targets to Become World Tablet Leader by 2015

“We will grow much higher than the market expectations of 20 percent this year. Next year, we will become a leader in tablets,” said Shin at the conference taken place at the Mobile World Congress.

With the smartphone market being predominantly owned by Samsung, despite the Apple`s success in the US, the Koreans from Samsung will be shifting from their famous handsets that sold big time in the world to the tablet market.

As our source also points out, Shin continues saying that the mobile market is on a constant move, with ups and downs to be taken into account. Moreover, since there is a present negative tendency on the mobile market, as reports have already shown that, it would now be the most appropriate to head on the tablet segment.

As it was previously shown, Samsung has had some great difficulties last year, showing a decrease in the second half of 2013 on the mobile market compared with the first quarter where devices like Galaxy S4 sold big time.

On the other hand, the success that the Korean manufacturer has had with Galaxy Tab Pro series and the later 12.2-inch Galaxy Note Pro, is a clear indication that Samsung must re-think its strategy concerning the tablet market.

As a result, the Mobile World Congress is the perfect opportunity for Samsung to make the public debut of its Galaxy Tab 4 series and of the cheaper Tab 3 Lite.

What do you think guys? Will Samsung be successful in undermining the authority of Apple on the tablet market by 2015?