Price Slashed By $100 for US Version of HTC One

With the release of HTC’s new flagship within the next two weeks, along with the launch of so many other competitive devices, HTC felt the need of slashing the price of its HTC One device by no less than $100 in the US. You should know from the start that we are talking about all unlocked and contract-free versions, so the device is now available for no more than $499.99 from the company’s official online store. We must all admit that this number sounds much better than the previous $599 one, but it still doesn’t mean that everyone is rushing into buying.

What is stopping people from buying HTC’s One Device?

In the first place, we all knew that such a price cut was necessary, but some might have hoped for something much more generous than this $100 discount. Previous rumors have pointed towards a possible new price of only $399.99, so this offer comes as a disappointment for certain potential buyers. Moreover, we know that there is a real battle between Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 and HTC One (here you can find more details) and things don’t look at all promising for this HTC One. It might have been amazing at the time of its launch, but its competition is much powerful and faster than you are imagining.

Price Slashed By $100 for US Version of HTC One

Price Slashed By $100 for US Version of HTC One

And don’t forget that the price cut took place only two weeks before the company is expecting to announce its successor, simply known as HTC One 2014. The upcoming smartphone might have not be launched yet, but we have some ideas about what it might offer us thanks to several specifications and leaked images, so we are sure that many of you are willing to wait a few days and buy the new model instead of the original HTC One version.

In case you don’t know, HTC One 2014 will come with a large 5 inch 1080p screen and a powerful Snapdragon 801 chipset, being scheduled for a 25th March 2014 release. And the handset has been already listed on eBay for a price of no more than $499.99, so HTC One’s price cut is not at all that amazing.

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