How to Force Restart your Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S9 is a great phone, but there is no perfect device with apps that never crash or that never freezes. The best way to fix a frozen device is to plug it out and plug it in, but what do you do when the screen freezes and you have no way to access the power menu? Things like that happen even on your Samsung Galaxy S9 handset, but this guide is here to help.

Before going further, if you found this post because you were trying to find a solution to a certain Galaxy S9 problem, remember that we have plenty of other specific problem-related tutorials that might help you.

Returning to our problem, Samsung no longer offers removable batteries with its latest Galaxy S flagship smartphone. While the company has improved its software, there are still plenty of issues and glitches that are yet to be ironed out and force restarting your Galaxy S9 might be the ideal solution.

So, in the unfortunate event that your device becomes unresponsive, you should attempt a force restart. This will turn your handset off and back on without affecting any data stored inside and to be clear, you should better think of it like pulling the battery out on older Galaxy models when batteries were removable.

How to Force Restart your Galaxy S9:

  1. First of all, you have to press and hold both the Volume down and Power buttons for no more than 10 seconds;
  2. Let go of the buttons once the screen goes black;
  3. Now, your Galaxy S9 device will automatically reboot on its own. If this fails to happen, you should better press and hold the Power button until the screen turns on and you’re all set!

Well done! Do you see that it wasn’t at all a hard thing to do? Doing so will force your phone to restart, regardless of whether or not the software is working properly and you get the chance to make things once again better.

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