Android Apps now Available by Default on Blackberry Devices

As you might know, with the release of Z10, Blackberry introduced a new OS that was said to change the Blackberry world for good. Of course this “change” was referring to the general UI which is now more user friendly and to another relevant aspect: access granted for Google Play apps. Yes, that’s right; starting from BB 10 OS you can download and install Android apps on your own Blackberry smartphone.

Anyway, getting Android apps wasn’t that easy as the default OS wasn’t coming with a native app in that matter. So, most of the users were still struggling to find their favorite apps on BB market, where of course, the apps are limited. The best is that starting from now, all Blackberry users will be able to enjoy the Android treatment as with the new Blackberry OS update, a native app is added by default.

Thus, BB 10.3.1 features Amazon Appstore right of the box with access to numerous Android apps. The update has been rolled out for BlackBerry Passport, Z30, Z3, Z10, Q10, and Q5 as an OTA (over the air) release. For now, the firmware is available in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East; at the same time a North American release is also scheduled, though the exact launch date hasn’t been yet announced.

So, are you ready to experience Android apps on your own Blackberry device? Do share your thoughts with us and also tell us if you have received the new BB 10.3.1 OS until now. If you have doubts in updating to this new BB built, you should know that the new firmware is stable and installed with all Blackberry essential apps, just like in the previous software releases.

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