Evernote for Android Gets Updated; Enyoy Fluid Handwriting Experience and More

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Evernote for Android has received a new update, this one bringing the handwriting support that many of you have repeatedly asked for. Some of you might have already seen how it works after Evernote has introduced the handwritten note recognition to the beta version of its app in January, but now they have managed to roll out the feature to the stable version of the app as well and here’s what they share with us on their official blog.evernote.com: “It took us a long time to figure out exactly how to make this work. We think we have it. It’s beautiful, powerful and we’re excited to bring it to you today.”

Fluid Handwriting Experience with Evernote

So, here we received the fluid handwriting Evernote experience that we have been dreaming of for a very long time, giving us the possibility to move from writing to typing to drawing photos and then typing again within a single note.

Evernote for Android Gets Updated

Evernote for Android Gets Updated

All these elements are supposed to “live together” as Evernote claims and this is exactly what the company has offered us when updating Evernote for Android.

More Improvements

We couldn’t agree more that this is indeed the biggest change here, but you shouldn’t imagine that it is the only improvement waiting for you. We can also find note and editor changes, as well as a much faster camera, as you can see by yourself from our list:

  • Better editing – including a new Text highlighter, improved support for notes made on other platforms, as well as the possibility to edit content in tables created on other platforms;
  • Improved camera – the camera is not only twice faster than before, but also successfully eliminates the lag that users experienced in the past and comes with both improved focus and autofocus options;
  • Note changes – offering us the possibility to duplicate a specific note or to create note links in order to jump from one note to another that you might be interested about.

Are all these ne changes tempting enough for you? Then don’t hesitate to take the latest Evernote version for Android from Google Play.

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