Pay attention to the virus “Priyanka” on Whatsapp

It is very important to know, for the beginning that it is walking around whatsapp a virsus named “Priyanka”. How to get rid of it or stay away from? We will tell you all the steps you need to do. What does this dangerous virus? It goes to your contacts files and when you add it, will change all your groups name that you have in whatsapp into “Priyanka”. This virus can also replace all your contacts name into “Priyanka”. The virus doesn’t install by itself on your device so up to your vigilance to stay away from it.

According to our source, when you receive an invitation to add or save a contact named “Priyanka”, all you need to do is NOT saving or adding it to your contacts list. If you do not save it, is powerless, it can’t affect your contacts database at all. But still, if you made a mistake and saved it to your phone, you have to follow some steps in order to be clear again. First of all, you need to turn off internet connectivity including Bluetooth, mobile, wi-fi , everything. After that you must clean your whatsapp list and erase “Priyanka” from its database, moreover, delete it from your contact list.

Whatsapp clear database

Whatsapp clear database

The issue is that you will obtain a new beginning. You must setup again Whatsapp and it will bring you back all your conversations because it stores it and once you have done the setup will have it back to your possession. Here are the steps you must follow: first delete the “Priyanka” from your contacts, after that go to phone settings, than touch apps or app manager and choose Whatsapp from the list, than force stop and clear data. After that whatsapp is back installed and it will bring you back your conversations, except the 24h-36h which is possible to be lost.

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