Pixel 3: How to Fix Camera Encountered a Fatal Error

The Pixel 3 is Google’s top-end latest phone, attempting to outshine the likes of Apple and Samsung with a camera like we have never seen before. Google’s Pixel 2 is actually the first device that set a new standard for smartphone photography. However, this year, things are even better. Are though perfect? You’d be tempted to say Yes, but guess again!

We may encounter several Pixel 3 problems in the coming weeks, as we did with the original Pixel and Pixel 2 handsets too. Some might be thinking: “They cannot be related to the camera, right?”. But they are and it’s only natural to be in this situation. No handset is perfect and small software flaws are inevitable.

For example, lots of Pixel 3 users are reporting they’re getting a “camera encountered a fatal error” message when opening their camera app, when using a third-party app to access the camera, or even while opening the built-in camera app.

Are you imagining the worst? Well, you shouldn’t. This isn’t a Pixel 3-exclusive problem, so at least we know for sure what could work:

How to Fix Camera Encountered a Fatal Error

The solution to your Pixel 3 problems seems to be rebooting the phone. Google is aware of it too and says that it will be issuing a fix soon that’s already in the works. We can only hope this is something that can actually be fixed permanently in software as things are far from pleasant.

The problem was not called out by name in the December update. We’ll be sure to note when it officially starts rolling out, so don’t get so mad!

You might not like this, but it doesn’t change that you own one of the best phones of the year. Google’s software and the entire ecosystem work like a breeze, so you cannot complain! The Pixel 3 still takes brilliant photos, even in super low-light and it can capture wider selfie photos. It’s also water resistant, it has wireless charging and God knows how many things still wait to be discovered, so take your time to explore it! You won’t regret it!

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