Be careful: Avoid WhatsApp scam that Tries to trick users

Last year WhatsApp users were tricked into downloading an exclusive version of Whatsapp ‘Gold’ which infected Android phones with malware and we all know the story. This is though a part of the past and things have turned into something else. Have you heard about that WhatsApp scam which tries to trick users into paying for the free messaging service?

Things like that happen all the time and criminals have started sending out messages designed to trick you into sharing your banking details or paying for such a long time.

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Don’t you believe something like that since it’s not the truth. Several users have reported receiving a text message, which appears to come from WhatsApp, stating that their subscription has expired. This is nothing more than a new scam has originated that targets WhatsApp users by sending them nothing more than fake messages and trying to get their bank details.

What appears to be a normal WhatsApp message is sent to us and fraudsters are using it to gain access to our personal details. To be more precise, emails and messages are being sent to phones claiming that your subscription to the messaging service is ending soon. Therefore, the text message invites you to click on a link and pay 99p for a “lifetime subscription” to the service, so you know what you don’t have to do.

Well, it’s true that WhatsApp used to charge a small subscription fee, but this was scrapped several years ago, when the company was bought by Facebook. Yes, this is just a part of the past. According to the organization, it has been receiving an increasing number of reports about such messages, so you must be careful.

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