Use Ovo Timer, an Amazing Android Timer App

Android developers have a major problem these days: they create apps with tons of features, way too many from my point of view and they lose focus from the main functionality. For this very reason, there are many Android app that can capture my interest exactly thanks to their limited capabilities.

One great example is none other than Ovo Timer, an amazing timer app that can be so easily used on an Android device. Yes, this is nothing more than a basic countdown timer with a maximum time of no less than 60 minutes which is definitely more than enough. There is an additional feature too, but one that you will probably use, so there’s no reason to complain about that: the app that I am telling you about gives its users the possibility to set timers via voice recognition too.

To start using Ovo, just touch the screen and start rotating your finger clockwise. You will immediately see the time that you are setting it for in the center. After setting the desired time, don’t hesitate to take off your finger and be sure that Ovo will start doing its counting job right away.

You also have the possibility to pause the timer by tapping the center of the circle. And when the alarm finally goes off, silence it by tapping anywhere on the screen. If you’re not in the app, Ovo will still sound the alarm and pop a notification that can be used to dismiss the alarm right away. As for the actual alarm sound, you can choose to set the phone to vibrate when the alarm goes off, to keep your screen alive while the timer is running, or let it go to sleep naturally.

When it comes to its looks, one thing is for sure: Ovo Timer comes with a minimalist approach regarding its interface, displaying just one thing: how much time is left. You see the time remaining in both minutes and seconds on the screen, and also in segments of a circle. Each circle represents an hour, which also corresponds to the maximum amount of time you can set the clock for at one time.

With these being said, it’s clear that the app does only one job, but the point is that it excels at doing it and there is nothing to complain about. It’s one of those apps that does not try to mix all sort of features in one place and if you think that this is what you also need, don’t hesitate to grab it from here. Ovo timer is waiting for more users!

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