GooPhone New M8 Clone Ahead of HTC’s One M8 Unveiling

We have all seen the GooPhone S5 device just after two days after the official release of the original, but now the clone maker GooPhone wants to be one step ahead the companies that they are copying. In such conditions, GooPhone have announced their clone of the All New HTC One (previously known as HTC M8) ahead of HTC’s official unveiling. But there is something that you should know from the start: this isn’t one of Goophone’s best copycat devices, missing something of the unique styling that HTC has, not to mention the obvious design differences.

Included Technical Specs and Features

Moreover, you’ll get a 5-inch screen having a resolution of no less that 1920 x 1080 pixels, while its 13 megapixel camera looks indeed very good on paper, but we have no guarantee that it can respectably perform according to its resolution.

GooPhone Announces New M8 Copycat

GooPhone Announces New M8 Copycat

GooPhone M8 gets the power from and an octa-core MediaTek CPU and it features Android 4.2, like most Mediatek phones are, also being paired with 1GB RAM and 16GB memory. The included micro SD expansion ability is something important, not to mention that Goophone M8 is a dual SIM handset and also packs a generous 2800 mAh battery. Are all these specs and features decent? No one can deny that, but that’s the problem. GooPhone’s new M8 Copycat is just decent, while HTC’s official All New One is supposed to be amazing and that’s what many of you want.

Price and Availability

GooPhone might have officially started selling a clone of HTC’s unreleased M8 for a price of no more than $229.99, but it’s early to predict if it has any chance to be successful (yes, we can talk about successful clone versions if they are well build, decently equipped and looking as close as possible to the original). We’ll just keep an eye on things and let you know what it happens next.