Mysterious Samsung S Circle Surfaces at FCC and Bluetooth SIG

Samsung Gear Fit one of the nicest and practical wearable fitness tracker that we have ever seen up to now, but it looks like the company isn’t going to stop here as long as it is working on another fitness tracker. Or at least this is what we believe that the mysterious Samsung S Circle that has just surfaced at FCC and Bluetooth SIG should be, taking in consideration the details that we know. As you can see from the start, this S-Circle contains the same family model code (EI-) as the company’s S-Band, so we have our own theory about that.

Increased Interest on offering Cheaper Devices

Samsung will never stop promoting its range of premium smartwatches, that is something that we know from the start, but the Korean manufacturer has also promised us an increased interest on offering cheaper devices, so why shouldn’t we have a more affordable fitness focused wearable that could easily complement the S Health software which ships with the Samsung Galaxy S devices?

Mysterious Samsung S Circle Surfaces at FCC and Bluetooth SIG

Mysterious Samsung S Circle Surfaces at FCC and Bluetooth SIG

Maybe this is exactly what this Samsung S-Circle is all about, being a more affordable device than the new Gear 2 and Gear Fit, but with nice specs as well.

Tracking the Heart Rate and Movement

This Samsung S-Circle also includes Bluetooth Low-Energy, that is something that we all know for sure at this point, probably being used for tracking the heart rate and movement of its users. We are saying that as long as it is already categorized as an ”Activity Tracker”, but sadly no further details have been provided and no images reveled up to now.

It is only believed that S-Circle might not come with a screen, giving Korea’s Digital News Daily report from last December regarding an upcoming Samsung band to compute calories, location and atmospheric conditions, but we cannot be sure that we are talking about the same device.

In this context, it remains to be seen exactly when this Samsung S Circle will hit the market and we’ll be back as soon as we get more details. Is there anyone interested on such a second-generation S Band?

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