LG Nexus Smartwatch to be Released In June

The Wall Street Journal has previously reported that Google and LG are working together for offering us an interesting wrist-wearable device. Its specs were not revealed in that report and the device is reportedly set to be unveiled so sooner than June, but it isn’t at all too early to talk about what it can offer us. Some of its specs and features have already been leaked online and here’s what we know so far about this Google LG Nexus smartwatch:

Leaked Specs

According to evleaks, Google’s LG Nexus smartwatch will come with a 1.65-inch display, being indeed larger than the 1.63-inch found on the Gear 2, but probably with a lower resolution than this model. The two companies seem to have chosen 280 x 280 for their Nexus upcoming watch, which would mean about 240 pixels-per-inch (ppi), while the popular Gear 2 has a better resolution of 320×320 pixels. But not everything depends on that!

LG Nexus Smartwatch to be Released on March 26

LG Nexus Smartwatch to be Released on March 26

We can only tell you that LG has not yet chosen the processor for its upcoming Nexus smartwatch, so everything is possible at this point. But we can tell you for sure that it’s going to come with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM storage.

And some members of the Android team who are currently working on this Nexus  smartwatch have already revealed that the device is supposed to focus on alerts and come with integration for Google Now Voice Assistant.

New software developer’s kit

The head of Android and Chrome for Google, Sundar Pichai, announced us that the company will release a software developer’s kit for wearable devices by March 23, but we still cannot be sure that developers will have enough time to create enough apps until June when this LG Nexus device reaches the market. We can only hope that this will happen!