Google To Sell HTC One (M8) With Stock Android

With the HTC One (M8) just open for sale, most people are calling it the best all-around Android phone at this time. Those who are willing to buy HTC’s latest flagship can purchase it directly from Google rather than through a carrier plan.

The One (M8) is available for sale on Google Play at an un-subsidized price of $699, which represents the same amount of money users would normally spend if they buy the Smartphone from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile of Verizon.

However, it is worth mentioning the fact the if you choose to buy the HTC One from Google instead of one sold by a carrier, you need to know that there is a major difference between them. The one sold by Google comes with a different version of Android while the carriers sell HTC One running the latest release of Android, Android 4.2.2 KitKat.

Therefore, Google is selling the M8 Smartphone with a different Google Play Edition. This means that it runs stock, unaltered Android. As a matter of fact, the same thing happens in the case of the Google’s own Nexus 5 Smartphone. The carriers’ offering comes with a skinned HTC’s Sense user interface and with the already mentioned Android 4.2.2. KitKat.

As you can imagine, most users choose to buy a clean and unaltered Stock Android device rather than a skinned version since it brings a clear view of the apps included on the platform. A standard Google running HTC Smartphone will bring a set of extraneous apps such as the HTC Blinkfeed, which offers a combination of news and social updates.

In the same time, Stock Android phones receive software updates first, directly from Google. Therefore, when a new version of the Google’s operating system is being released, you will be the first one to receive it, as long as you have a Stock Android Smartphone. On the other hand, customized OS updates can be received with a little bit of delay since all manufacturers and carriers decide to make a couple of changes or add unwanted options and extras.

If you choose to buy HTC One (M8) directly from Google, with Stock Android, you will get a couple of benefits and exclusive options. It is worth mentioning the fact that even if HTC’s latest handset, the Google Play Edition is on sale now, it will not be shipped from Google for another two or three weeks. However, if you want the HTC One M8 Google Play Edition, you should hurry to place your order as soon as possible.