Where is Clip Tray Located on LG Android Phone? Quick Steps

On LG Android handsets, the clip tray is an area of memory or storage on which you can save small items. Do you want to easily access the contents you stored in the Clip Tray whenever and wherever you want? LG Android phone users are having a hard time when it comes to finding this clip tray, also known as clipboard, in their phone, but this guide is perfect for you.

If there a Clip Tray on your phone, how do you access it? First of all, you should better find the Clip Tray in your LG device since it can’t be directly accessed or opened as it is not an app. You should know from the start that you can retrieve items saved onto it by long-pressing a blank area of a text field and then tapping paste. The issue with clip tray is that on some LG handsets you can only save one item to the clip tray which is overwritten if a second item is saved to clip tray.

When you copy or cut something, the items are stored in the Clip Tray temporarily. So, when you long-press on the screen and paste something, whatever is copied onto the clip tray gets immediately pasted. You have no other chance to clear the clip tray other than simply copying any small blank space to it. In this way, it will overwrite what was copied to it before to an empty space.

As you see, you can copy images or texts and keep them in the Clip Tray, but the limited number might turn into an issue for some of you. If you feel the same, but the idea of a clipboard is still very tempting, then I have another suggestion for you. To be more precise, you can download Clipper – Clipboard Manager from the Google Play store. This automatically saves everything you copy and you can access your clipboard history later or organize clippings in lists, so you can take full control of copy and paste with this app.

The point is that Clipper doesn’t use the built-in clip tray of the phone, instead it keeps the data in its own space, so the previous issue is solved, no matter of the device you use.

Enjoy a quick and easy access via this Clipper – Clipboard Manager link right away if you feel the same.

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