Google Glass Goes on sale in US for One Day Only

Here we are back with fresh details regarding the invite-only Google Glass Explorer Program. From what we have just discovered, Google Glass is about to be made available to everyone living in the US for a very limited period of time. We are talking about one day only – April 15 , so this offer will only last 24 hours, according to an official Google+ announcement. Previously, the only way to purchase Google Glass has been via a Glass-owning friends’ invite code or through the official wait list, but that’s your chance.

Google Glass has a very High Price

Those of you who are willing to take advantage of the Explorer Program will finally have the chance to purchase Google Glass without an invitation starting 6 AM on April 15th, but was we have told you from the start, only the customers in the US are able to make the purchase. So, the time is limited, the availability is limited as well, but what about its price?

Although you don’t actually have that much time to prepare for this offer, Google Glass will still cost no less than $1,500 (about £893) and taxes are not even included in this price, so you should expect paying even more. But at least a free sunglasses shade or prescription glasses frame will be included in this price as well, making the Google Glass deal even more attractive.

There is Another Option as well: Google Glass Consumer Edition

But if you cannot afford paying for it or if you aren’t completely sure that this is what you really need, we have great news for you. A Google Glass Consumer Edition is also expected to be officially revealed later this year, and we can tell you for sure that its price will be much lower than this one.

We have offered you two alternatives, but it’s only up to you to make a final choice!

And don’t forget to use the comments area below in case of having any other questions.

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