Samsung’s Gear Live Watch Expanded Availability

Google Play has just expanded the availability of Samsung’s Gear Live watch to three new countries: Australia, Japan, as well as South Korea. It is true that this fact doesn’t change the previous announcement that the new Gear device isn’t going to be available for sale worldwide, but at least it’s a new step when it comes to giving us the chance to buy it.

Samsung Gear Live up to par with LG G Watch

As some of you might already know, LG G Watch was already available in the three countries, so Samsung’s Gear Live availability is finally up to par with the availability of LG’s G Watch.

To be more precise, it seems that both these watches can be found on Google Play in no less than 11 countries around the world, so that Samsung’s Gear Live watch is finally up for pre-order from Google Play in France, Australia, Germany, Canada, Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, Italy, South Korea, the United States, as well as Japan.

Samsung Gear Live exclusive to Google Play, but only for now

Isn’t Google Play an option to be taken in consideration? This is only up to you to decide and be sure that there is another option that might suit you better. To be more precise, Samsung Gear Live will also arrive to Samsung and several other retail stores from these countries (and not only) later in July.

So, for now it might be exclusive to Google Play, from where it will start shipping to consumers this July 11th, but this will change soon. As for its price, Samsung Gear Live can be yours for no more than $199, giving you the chance to experience the new Android Wear with Google Now information and voice control, not to mention that it has a heart rate scanner and even an IP67 body for water and dust resistance.

As for those of you who still need more information in order to make a buying decision or not, be sure to check out our initial LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live have arrived to Google Play Store article. There we have more details about what these first devices powered by Android Wear have to offer.

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