PayPal Fingerprint Support Disabled in Verizon Galaxy S5 Version

We have told you more than once that Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to come with a fingerprint scanner which can be used to unlock the device, but also to authenticate PayPal payments. We are sure that many of you currently using PayPal might be interested on this feature, but it seems that it has been just disabled into Verizon’s version of this Samsung Galaxy S5. We all know that this is one of those features that Samsung has been promoting, so we are sure that the Korean company isn’t too happy about this omission.

“This application will not work on your device” (Galaxy S5)

At this point, it is unclear why Verizon disabled this functionality; all we know is that users trying to install the fingerprint-based authentication client on Verizon’s Galaxy S5 are receiving a short message that says “this application will not work on your device.” But at least the best part is that Verizon is actually the only carrier which seems to have taken the decision of removing this PayPal fingerprint support.

Installation Process for AT&T Galaxy S5

To be more precise, on the AT&T and Sprint Samsung Galaxy S5 models, Paypal is still listed as a feature that can be used with no problem. If you want to install it and use it on the AT&T Galaxy device for example, you just have to download an app called NNL Fingerprint Passport which lets you authorize your fingerprint for payments.

After the activation is complete, you can easily link the app to your Paypal account, so that you can easily use it to make payments directly from this Galaxy S5 handset.

Waiting for an Explanation

As we have told you from the start, on the Verizon Galaxy S5 model this function is gone, along with any chance of getting it installed, but we still have no explanation for that. There are rumors that the PayPal fingerprint support has been removed by accident or that Verizon has discovered that this is not a very safe feature, but neither of these scenarios has been confirmed so far.

We only hope that Verizon will make a statement in the near future and then we’ll find out the truth.

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