Oppo Find 7a Pre-orders with free Easy Style Cover and Spare Battery

Oppo’s Find 7a is a highly anticipated handset that has been in the center of attention many times even before its launch. Not so long ago the company has officially announced that it will open pre-orders for this 1080p version of its Oppo Find 7 (also known as Oppo Find 7a) on April 7th, also including some surprises for all those who pre-order the handset, but only now we can tell you for sure of what we should expect receiving. So, Oppo is offering a free spare battery and an Easy Style Cover with all its international pre-orders, also teasing a third “surprise” gift still surrounded in mystery at this point.

Spare Battery and Easy Style Cover

As you probably know, Oppo Find 7a has a 4x faster charging speed than other conventional chargers than we are generally used too, so just imagine how great it is to have not only this VOOC fast charging system, but also a spare battery to use it whenever you might need it. As for this case, we can only say that it is a great accessory many that many of us are talking in consideration when buying a new device, so it sweetens the Oppo Find 7a deal even more.

Oppo Find 7a: Price and Main Specs

When it comes to its price, we can tell you that this Oppo Find 7a version is currently priced at no more than 2998 Yuan in China, which means around $500 for international buyers, but nothing is known for sure at this point. We just imagine that with this case and battery, it might be a bit more expensive than that. We just have to wait until April 7th when the official pre-sales start in order to find out for sure. But there are other things that we can tell you now:

While having a 1080p 5.5-inch screen, the Oppo company tries to offer us more by using Gorilla Glass 3, so the Find 7’s screen sees a 40% improvement in strength compared to all those other usual versions with no Touch-on-Lens technology. Even more, we like that it is especially designed to work even when water droplets or even while wearing gloves. As for the power, here we have a quad-core Snapdragon 801 SoC coming with Adreno 330 graphics, not to mention its 13-megapixel camera that comes with built in HDR hardware which guarantees flawless photos with all your special moments.

And finally, there is no doubt that Oppo Find 7a is meticulously designed, each details being attentively implemented. And we must admit that we like the final result. What about you? Do you have the same opinion regarding this Oppo Find 7a handset or are there other options that have captured your interest?