Samsung Low-End Windows Phone rendered just Around the Corner

Apart from developing high-end Android smartphones and tablets, Samsung is also reportedly working on some low-end Window Phone handsets, which are set to be released in the upcoming months. The rumors were backed up by some reports some time ago, mentioning that Samsung was working at its first Windows Phone 8.1, also going under the name of a mid-range ATIV Core. Following these reports, it appears that the Korean maker has been putting some muscles on a low-end Windows Phone handset, which would be the SM-W350F.

The low-end Windows Phone (SM-W350F) is supposed to be aimed at the Indian low-end market, since last week the device was send to India for some tests, with the handset appearing on the Samsung`s website later on. As proof, there was an user agent profile, (UAProf) that revealed some minor specs of the device like a WVGA (800 x 480 resolution) screen, running of course on Window Phone 8.1.

Other features of the Windows Phone device might include a 4.5-inch display of 720p resolution, 1GB of RAM, a rear camera with an 8- or a 13-megapixel unit, though we might be thinking of a lower 8MP if we took into consideration the low specs. The device will also sport a 2,100mAH battery.

Perhaps you are also wondering why the Samsung`s appetite for Windows Phone, especially since the company will be also launching devices running on OS Tizen. Perhaps the Samsung Korean based manufacturer is trying to broaden the areal of its devices, offering a choice of high-end Android devices and low-end Windows Phone handsets to choose from.

We might expect the Windows Phone to be launched somewhere at the end of May along with the Nokia`s first Windows Phone 8.1, but fresh news will be provided with in a few weeks.

Well folks what do you think about Samsung launching a first series of Windows Phone devices? Would you buy one? Cheers and don’t forget to write!