Delayed Android 4.4 Update For LG G2

Have you heard about that leak from a French carrier SFR that was presenting the details of a December update for the LG G2 devices? You aren’t the only one, but if you are hoping to actually see Android 4.4 to your model this year, we must give you the bad news. You know that with the release of every update, no matter what operating system, there are always some handsets that won’t be supported, but there is no reason to be worried about that. The Android 4.4 update is only delayed, so you’ll just have to wait until February or March next year in order to get it.

If you are asking yourself about this delay, we can only tell you that rumors point to a preferential treatment from Google and after things didn’t went as planned, you can only see that LG has to stick to an initial plan that we didn’t even knew about. Is there any truth in these speculations about the update for this LG G2?

Delayed Android 4.4 update for LG G2

Delayed Android 4.4 update for LG G2

We cannot be sure of anything, but if we take in consideration that just a few days ago, LG Canada presented their plans for the Android 4.4 updatewhich is scheduled for the first quarter for 2014, we wouldn’t be so surprised to find out that there are real after all. Even more, our source tells us that LG’s Korean newsroom has also announced a similar schedule and there is no word on the initial information. Is like we have never seen the SFR leak.

So, for all LG G2 owners up there, we can only tell you to have just a little more patience. The Android 4.4 update is already in progress for all the Korean G2  units and we’ll soon be back with fresh details on this topic.

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