Galaxy S5 Being Put to Hard Tests, Resists Dust, Holds on Dropping and Much More

Samsung has put its Galaxy S5 to some series of hard testing, just like the way an automaker is putting its vehicles to hard crush testing to see their durability. The Galaxy S5 wants to demonstrate thus if it can last under water, resist proof or hold on pretty tight when being dropped. In this article we will see how well the high-end device managed to handle some pretty rough tests being carried out at the smartphone`s facility plant in South Korea.

Water and Dust Resistant Tests

First, the Galaxy S5 was put to some durability tests that could provide us a closer look on how well the flagships handled under water or in some dusty environments. Thus, under the device being held in some water containers, the conclusion was that the S5 did handle very well, with no damage at all. For the dust test, the smartphone was exposed to dust particles, with the engineers trying to determine the amount of particles affecting the device. The device also handled well enough.

Dropping Tests

Engineers at Samsung also used some devices in order to drop the phone from different positions or heights, monitoring the dropping action through some high-camera speed that record every inch of the movements. They could then determine if the device is damaged in any way! After the test, the flagship seemed to perform the same, with minor scratches at the edges! Remember: Don’t try this at home!

Static Electricity Tests

The Galaxy S5 got some static electricity tests, to see if the device would eventually give out or not. A static electricity can fry all the electronic parts of a device due to the extra electrons that your hands get from a physical activity. After pressing the Home button for so many times, it seemed that the flagship didn’t give out.

Sensor Tests

Another important test that the Galaxy S5 was put to was the sensor test, which tested the flagship`s accuracy in terms of audio, video, microphone sensitivity or camera shooting mode. Under those circumstances, the sensor tests are done in controlled environments, meant to probe the device`s features. Great tests, great handling!

Radiation tests

A final test the flagship was put to, involved radiation tests, intended to see the level of radiation that the device emitted. The test is done by using a mixture of foam-coated walls and also ceilings, along with some antennas and some liquids to mimic the human body. Thus, the level of the radiation can be measured. And Samsung also managed to come out just fine at this test.

Impressed with these tests carried out on the Samsung Galaxy S5? Remember that these testing are performed by professionals in controlled environments, so don’t try them at home! Feel free to share your opinions on that and don’t forget to write! Cheers!