Video: Samsung Gear Fit Finally Working with HTC One M8, Nexus 5 or non-Samsung Handsets

Samsung wearables have long been discussed to work with other devices accept Samsung, but without an official approval on Samsung`s behalf, the smart guys from 9to5Google have managed a way out to make the Gear Fit compatible with devices like HTC One M8, Nexus 5 or other handsets besides Samsung. Now, the Galaxy Gear Fit is set for the aforementioned devices, with a video that shows you how to use the Gear Fit with other devices.

The Gear Fit can now be compatible with the HTC One M8, Nexus 5 or non-Samsung devices by sideloading the apps intended for this operation and then pairing the Gear Fit with that particular device via Bluetooth.

In case you were wondering how the operation did perform, we assure you that the process itself of pairing the Gear Fit with the HTC One M8 for instance, worked out just fine, but there were some minor functions that seemed to stumble at a certain point. We might be talking about the “quick reply options and alarm notifications” that didn’t properly work.

Apart from that, there might be also a slight difficulty, particularly if your device doesn’t run at least Android 4.3, which would be the minimum requirement for the Samsung fitness tracker. Now, head on and watch the video. Perhaps it would make you see things clear.

While at first, Galaxy Gear Fit seemed to work only on Samsung handsets, and just a handful of that, there was the iteration that it would eventually work on non-Samsung devices if found the right tools or apps.

Well, it seemed that an XDA member has eventually managed to come up with a method of hooking a Galaxy Gear Ft with a Nexus 5 device by simply installing the Gear Manager app and a bunch of other APKs apps, which would theoretically pair the two devices. Apart from some features not working, like the S Voice and Weather functions, it all sorted it out just fine. It now remains to see if you are able to pair your Gear Fit with the other devices. Enjoy the video and tell us how you did! Cheers!