Samsung greatest producer of Android, while Apple rules the tablet world

In Q2 2013 Samsung looks to be the greatest when it comes the Android subject. One of the Opera Mediaworks report revealed the numbers. Samsung dominates the market of mobile devices and has more than 50% of it. The exact percent is 58,45% and the difference between Samsung and the next ranked is quite big. HTC takes the second place in the ranking with a small percent of 10,88%, which means that Samsung it’s really relaxed when thinking of competitiveness because they are doing great stuff there and the numbers show it definitely clear.

Our source is making also a few other ranks according to other criteria as manufacturer and tablet. On the market Apple still owns the leadership as manufacturer and also on the market of tablets. As a manufacturer Apple has almost half of the market and we are speaking here about 43,75% in numbers. This is a lot and the second place is owned by Samsung but with a small percentage of 17,41%. This can be improved and Samsung has the potential for sure. On the third place we will find Nokia, so the notoriety of this company still in the cards and it’s a great thing. The percentage for 3rd place is small but close to Samsung, 10,43% for Nokia.



When we need to speak about tablets, then we definitely must say Apple. There are some crazy numbers which makes us to think, how the success feels? They have 91,20% of the tablets market and I think anything I will say after that is less worthed anyway. Samsung is on the second place but the percentage is very very small compared to Apple, this is 6,11%. If we compare with the rest of it, Samsung hasn’t such a bad result on this market, because the 3rd place is only 1,15% and we are talking here about Acer.

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