Nuance Updates Dragon Mobile Assistant with Voiceprint Feature

Dragon Mobile Assistant has been recently updated with new biometric features and options that enable users to access hands-free features without having to unlock the device. In the same time, the mobile assistant has received a couple of notable personalization options.

Nuance now recognizes users based on their personal Voiceprint and it continues to offer multiple voice-activated controls for messaging, calling, and maps. This means that now, the workflow is a little bit speedier than in the past, since now users can use wake commands and the task commands at the same time, as opposed to waiting for the device to initiate listening before actually starting any action.

However, the last big update also provides the ability to automatically shift into Driving Mode, which allows users to listen text messages aloud, when detected the user moving a certain speed. In the same time, Nuance has decided to add some useful location-sharing and dictation functions for making the experience much easier and enjoyable.

Prior to the update, Dragon Mobile Assistant already offered a couple of unique and comprehensive suite or proactive features that allow users to keep an organization and productive evidence while having a strong communication level. Now, with the Voiceprint feature, users will get a truly personal experience since the mobile assistant will recognize their voice and it will respond only to them.

Further, mobile device users can use their voice to initiate actions in one shot, even if the Dragon Mobile Assistant is only in the background, even if the phone is locked and asleep.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the new improved assistant now supports landscape mode. With this feature, users will be able to dock their devices in landscape mode and interact hands-free, enhancing the already-mentioned Driver Mode experience.

In addition, the in-app browser experience is faster and it renders more content in an effective manner. In this respect, users are able to share web results with others directly from the screen.

The new Dragon Mobile Assistant gets the new improved Nuance voice, language understanding, ambient intelligence, and expressive text-to-speech in order to deliver a smarter personal assistant that listens, interprets and delivers a more intuitive and connected experience.

In case you are interested in getting the Dragon Mobile Assistant right on your device, you are free to visit Google’s Play Store. It is available on the app Store in the US, free or charge and it supports Android 2.3 and above.

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