Nokia Lumia 635 Now in Stores for $189

Nokia Lumia 635 is finally available for a small price of no more than $189, throughout the EU and many parts of the Asian Pacific. And from what we have heard, it will make its way to USA stores in the near future, but before taking any decision, here we invite you to discover more about this handset.

Nokia’s Lumia 635 Specs and Features

Let’s start with its ClearBlack screen which has 4.5-inches and a maximum resolution of 854×480 pixels, as well as wide-viewing angles, making it a very decent display, while the power of this Lumia 635 comes from a 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor coupled with 512MB of RAM.

Moreover, at only 8GB on internal memory, we know that things might not look that great at all, but don’t forget that the device also offers you 7GB of OneDrive cloud storage and a microSD slot that supports up to 128GB.

And we also like the fact that Nokia’s Lumia 635 handset runs on Windows Phone 8.1 which is packed with a set of new features. Here we can only remind you of that Action Centre that easily handles all of your notifications, the new Start screen backgrounds inject photographic personalization, not to mention the new digital personal assistant Cortana that will help you with everything you might think of from general info such as the weather to personal events such as meetings.

And the list could get even bigger if we take in consideration the other features such as Word Flow, Data Sense, Microsoft’s Office Mobile and OneDrive Wi-Fi Sense, Storage Sense, individual volume controls and not only in order to make using this Nokia Lumia 625 more easier than ever.

When it comes to the camera department, here we have a 5MP snapper that shoots video in 720p with no front-facing snapper and no flash. And unlike Nokia’s Lumia 930 and other Windows phones, this new 635 version doesn’t come with a dedicated camera button on the side, so you’ll just have to use the touchscreen button.

Nokia’s signature apps

Even more, don’t forget that Nokia’s signature apps among we can mention the usual HERE Drive+, HERE Maps, Nokia Camera, and MixRadio are all here, waiting to be discovered.

For example, just imagine that you have the chance to enjoy a radio station that knows the music you love. This is what Nokia MixRadio really is: a special music app that easily personalizes your listening experience. You just have to select your favourite artists and the app will do the rest and you can even personalise your Play Me mix by tapping the thumbs up and thumbs down icons.

And don’t forget that Nokia’s MixRadio is also filled with mixes put together by the company’s team of global music experts, offering you exactly those soundtracks that will make your long journeys more pleasant than ever.

Design and Different color options to choose from

Nokia Lumia 635 has a new dual-layered polycarbonate design and despite of the fact that some of you might consider it a bit chunky, we can assure you that it successfully manages to fit in your pocket.

And don’t forget that this handset that we have here is available in no less than five different color options to choose from: orange, green and yellow (all of them presented as “bright”), as well as the classic white and black versions. But that’s not all: there are also two kinds of changeable covers: matte and a two-toned version.

Anyway, despite of this vibrant colour palate, we still think that Nokia Lumia 635 doesn’t particularly stand out from all the other bright Lumia models out there.

But taking in considering its price, it’s still an inspired choice! Do you also think that it has any chance against other mid-range Android devices?