Samsung Gear Live Is Available for Pre-order at Best Buy

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Are you thinking of Android Wear flavored Samsung Gear Live smartwatch? This is one of those times when we don’t even have to ask what is motivating you, but we want to help. The device is now available for pre-orders at Best Buy as well, so this is another option that you could take into consideration if the other offer doesn’t suit you.

Samsung Gear Live will Soon be Ready for Purchase for $199.99

As you know, Samsung Gear Live has been offered for sale from the Google Play Store, so that many of you are currently owners of this device. But Best Buy doesn’t disappoint us either. The watch is expected to be ready for purchase from Best Buy’s online, as well as brick and mortar store in the upcoming days.

And there is no reason to be worried about the price. Samsung Gear Live can be yours for $199.99. This acquisition is a great one in case of looking for a watch that shows you notifications and gives you the chance to control music playing from a connected smartphone.

Moreover, you also have the possibility to check your heart rate, as well as to monitor other fitness and health metrics; and we are sure that you’ll be more than pleased by the fact that this Samsung Gear Live wearable has a 1.6 inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, along with 512MB of RAM aboard and 4GB of native storage. The battery should give you no less than 22 hours of power per single charge, and don’t forget that this Samsung Gear Live is IP67 certified to protect the device from dust and water, so you will not regret the decision of buying it!

And Samsung Gear Live and the LG G Watch are the only Android Wear powered devices of the moment, so how can you say no to such a temptation?

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