Customize Predictive Text on your Note 8

You know how things work these days. When you want to text and send messages fast, the predictive text is a feature that seems ideal for that. You have the chance to indicate the possible words you could be typing and just save precious time by pressing on the word that you wanted to input. What do you think of, when it comes to the Predictive Text feature from your Note 8 device?

Maybe you’ve bumped into the feature when you were browsing through the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 settings, searching for something else. Maybe you’ve heard people talking about it recently and suddenly caught your interest or it isn’t your thing, unless you customize it properly.

Predictive text can be a great thing, but it can also easily turn into a disaster. This smart combination of what you’ve typed on other occasions and the context of your actual conversation makes the Predictive Text accurate most of the time. Or it can simply make your typing on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a lot funnier as long as the provided suggestions are kind of weird.

If you are not used to getting that kind of automatic correction to what you type, tap on the Gear icon in the keyboard and under Smart Typing; then, you need to select the Predictive Text option. Tap it and there, feel free to turn it on or off, as well as create your own custom shortcuts. Even more, if you have special symbols that you frequently use when you type but they are hard to insert, you can “instruct” a key to insert that symbol after a long press key stroke.

And don’t forget about the possibility to create a dictionary that will better control what words can or can‘t be automatically corrected.

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