Learn to Enable YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode

YouTube has offered a cool Dark Mode for some time now to those who’ve had its Material Design look. However, do you remember how dark Android KitKat was? Such a setting creates an ideal night-time experience by turning the glaringly light surfaces of YouTube’s interface dark, but let me tell you that it’s incredibly simple to enable YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode.

This feature hasn’t yet been officially announced, but it’s part of a number of changes YouTube is testing for the website’s design. Next time you’re staying up till four in the morning watching YouTube videos, why not give your eyes a rest and turn the lights out?

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Before getting there, make sure that you’re running Chrome 57 or later. To check the version number of your copy of Chrome, you have to choose About Google Chrome from the browser’s Chrome menu. Then, here’s what you must do:

Learn to Enable YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode:

  1. Open up the developer window by hitting Ctrl + Shift + I on Windows, or Option + Command + I on Mac;
  2. Now, choose the Console tab;
  3. Paste the following line into the console, then hit Enter:
    document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE; path=/
  4. If that doesn’t work, try the following:
    text: document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE”
  5. Close the developer window, refresh your browser, and the dark mode toggle should be finally available in the main settings menu in the top right; Dark Mode is available across all YouTube sections, including the homepage and the dedicated channel pages.

Let’s assume that you don’t like the change. I am not here to question your opinion, but what can you do in such a case? In order to get rid of the Dark Mode, just toggle that switch in your YouTube profile menu to the OFF position (if that doesn’t work, clear the cookies in your browser settings).

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