How to Maintain your Focus with Android ClearFocus

Developed by a well-known XDA Forum Member Andreaaaaa, the app known as ClearFocus is just what you need if you have a hard time maintain your focus for a long period of time. What the app does is not at all complicated: all you have to do is to set a work time period in the settings, as well as a big break time and other small ones, the number of “work sessions” before a long break time, and then hit Start.

You get the idea, right? Having an app like ClearFocus may be exactly what you are looking for these days. It has a minimal and pleasing design and as you can see, your work and break sessions are easily customizable in order to get the best.

Even more, there is a huge circle that takes the majority of the UI starts to count down, with the timer also appearing in the notification area so you will practically see it anywhere.

If you think about it, a great portion of distractions comes from the Internet. Because of this, the ClearFocus app has a special option that lets you disable your Internet connection until the timer stops. If you’re worried that notification sounds and vibrations from messages or even calls will distract you, don’t hesitate to disable them too. You will get used to it, trust me on that!

And don’t forget about the ability to block distracting apps. In order for it to work, you must install another app from the same developer called ClearLock. Once it is installed, you can select which apps are needed to be blocked and you are good to go.

And if you’re afraid that you won’t stop at the right time, then choose to hear a notification sound or a vibration when the app’s timer stops. Like that, you’ll never make any mistake.

I love the look and feel of this app, but there is something that truly annoys me. It’s not too hard to guess that I am talking about ads, but there is something that you can do about them. If you want to remove the ads and enjoy some interesting extra features like a pause button and widget, you’ll have to spend some cash.

However, give a try to the ClearFocus free version fist and decide if it is for you or not. For that, enter here to download it from the Google Play Store, and let me know in the comments which techniques you apply in order to make the most out of the work week. Could this app be enough or do you have a hard time adjusting to it?

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