Android Creepy Gives you a Feeling of Both Old and New

If you are looking for a unique story and retro 2D graphics, then Android Creepy must be tried on. I know that I am not the only one interested on these new “retro graphics” games, but the issue is that more and more retro graphics styled games keep coming out lately, so choosing becomes a hard task once again. Bolstered by nostalgia, the old school games made a successful comeback, that’s for sure!

This trend is still far from getting old and I grew up in the 90s too, but I have to tell you that I don’t like all those 2D platformer games that appear out of the blue. Only some of them can get you that feeling of old and new and Creepy is one of them.

Creepy sets you in some sort of a black and white world where you play as Creepy itself. Designing convincing characters with low-res graphics is not an easy task, but the developers added enough detail to create a unique character with so few pixels and colors to work with. You got no less than 12 levels to complete with some strange enemies, some of which throw fireball at you. All you have is a gun and a crest, but be careful as you can’t jump in this game. That’s the key of the game – jumping has been replaced with blocking and this changes the overall gaming experience.

When it comes to its controls, you get two direction buttons on the bottom left portion of the screen and two buttons for shooting and blocking on the bottom right portion of the screen. From time to time, it leave the rule of monochromatic effect to highlight important elements of the game.

And even if all levels are pretty small as compared to what you might be used to receive from other games, that doesn’t make it any less fun. You just want more and more!

When it comes to its soundtrack, I must warn you about the fact that here’s not much sound. However, this lack is complemented by the implementation of voice overs or narration. From time to time, you get narration to encourage you, to help you take a decision or disconnect you.

So, even if you don’t like what you’ve heard up to now, you should try it out just for the narration and you will see that it is different than any other game that you’ve played! Take Creepy by accessing this download link and let me know if my suggestion was or not an inspired one. I bet that some of you will be asking why are there only 12 challenging levels to beat?

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