Crazy Racing – an Action-Packed Game for You and Your Friends

Are you also looking for an action-packed game, but your main criteria is a multiplayer mode? I totally get you: maybe you don’t like to play alone or against a simple computer, while you know that the racing game that you love can turn into an ultimate driving experience with real players! In such a case, Crazy Racing is my suggestion for you today.

I can only tell you that this game is awesome! I played this with my cousin last night and we both are addicted to this game now. From the very start, Crazy Racing reminded me of my school days when 2D games were fun to play. The graphics are cartoonish in nature, but this perfectly fits the feel of this multiplayer game, so I couldn’t have asked for more.

And even better, the premise is far from a complicated one, yet so fun. First of all, choose your car and do it wisely. They all have something special. For example, the moon car has a very large fuel reserve, which will allow you to travel a long time on a strange planet, while the Snow-removing car can demolish snowy hills, helping you in one of the most complicated levels – the Winter level.

Then, you need to choose routes and then, simply race for your life or shoot down your opponent. As you have seen, each car comes with its own powers and your objective is to destroy other cars on your way to the finish line. And while you do all these, you must also collect coins pumped cool cars and buy more cool cars for more fun.

Crazy Racing might be a free game to download, but I must warn you from the start that it comes with ads and in-app purchases. These are too many, some might claim, yet you cannot have it all, right? Have fun and enjoy the game for what it is or decide to pay if you really love it and want more.

Either way, Two players game – Crazy Racing is waiting for you.

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