How to Play Hidden Basketball Game on Facebook Messenger

You know that Facebook Messenger is a part of your life as it gives you the chance to chat to your friend anytime and free, but do you know that it can also be a source of fun? The latest version of Facebook Messenger has a cool new feature that allows you to play a game of basketball during a chat. The game is free but it’s hidden and no, this is not a joke!

Once you’re bored of hearing your conversation partner talking about the same things, send him a basketball emoji and get shooting hoops. Finding such Facebook games isn’t always straightforward as they’re well hidden, but once you discover them, I bet that you will love these games!

In fact, this simple basketball game within the messaging app is totally addictive. Don’t say that I haven’t warned you and remember that life is not all about gaming, but it has much more to offer!

How to Play Hidden Basketball Game on Facebook Messenger:

  1. Make sure to update to the latest version of Messenger in the Play Store;
  2. Up next, open a chat with one of your contacts;
  3. Send the basketball emoji;
  4. Once the emoji has been sent, simply tap on it to start the game;
  5. Using your finger, swipe to shoot the basketball into the hoop;
  6. Don’t hesitate to go for a high score and at the end, your score will be displayed in the chat window;
  7. Sharing the game is as easy as sending the basketball emoji and telling the person at the other end to click it to play. If they have issues, don’t forget to tell them to update the app to the latest version.

Let me know what you think of this game and what your highest score is in the comments below. And if you are in a gaming mood, let me present you other options too:

  • I think that Highway Rider is One of the Best Game Choices for your Android Device in case of being a fan of bike racing games;
  • You can also play The Room Three Game which is Available on Android through Google Play. Be sure that your unrestless search for the Null continues to Grey Holm, a mysterious mansion located on a remote island, so you’ll never be bored;
  • Don’t hesitate to Download LEGO Lord Of The Rings from Play Store and enjoy an amazing Android game. I know what you must be thiking of: yes, the Lord of the Rings was made into a full-fledged video game for home and portable consoles four years ago, but it only made its way to the Play Store, so give it a try;
  • Do you want to try something different? Then, Try Out some Interesting Android Puzzle Games such as Color Switch, a game that requires you to tap the ball through each obstacle and like that, your ball will switch color or Roll The Ball, another addictive puzzler game that requires the user to move the wooden blocks in order to let the steel ball through to its desired target.

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