Infinity Loop: Blueprints – surprisingly Fun and Relaxing at the same time

Are you trying to find that new addictive game that can consume your free time? Well you’ve found it right here. I am talking about the amazing Infinity Loop which is an incredibly easy to learn puzzle game that will make you forget all about LOOPS, SQUARE IT and other similar popular titles of the moment.

What do you have to do this time? Well, you basically have to rotate pieces to render them into loop. Be sure of the fact that there are infinite mysterious combinations and you can achieve perfect harmony. Yes, it might be a little harder at first, but as your brain starts developing a strategy to solve puzzles, this challenging game will become surprisingly fun and relaxing at the same time.

This is why I find this game as being a zen one, ideal for concentration and with zero pressure. Not only can you play these vast amounts of levels, but you can also connect to Facebook and do your best to create unique levels of your own!

And you can choose between different game modes too. I am talking about:

  • Classic: in this case, the gameplay consists from both manually crafted and auto-generated puzzles, offering hundreds of unique challenges;
  • Creative Lounge: you can unleash your creativity and make your very own loops via the exclusively designed puzzle creator;
  • Global Puzzles: here you can find puzzles made by players all around the world;
  • Daily Top 5: every day, no less than 5 puzzles made by players are featured here. And don’t forget to complete this daily challenge in order to receive a new gift!

Do you also want to dive into relaxing world of immersive challenges? Take Infinity Loop: Blueprints from here straight into your Android handset and don’t waste any more precious time!

You will need this time for something else. After all, you will most probably play it for hours – that’s how addicting this game is!

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