Check Out Our 10 Best Racing Games for Your Android

Android`s Google Play Store offers a wide choice of fun games, especially when it comes to the most popular categories which is the Racing Games category, providing Android users with a lot of interacting and enjoying racing action. We have specially rendered the best ten racing games for you to play when fill like chilling out or relaxing in front of your Android device! Keep up the good work and go on with the reading! NOTE: Some games require some small fees, I hope you don’t mind!

Number 10: Beach Buggy Blitz (Price: Free)

If you want to be a kid again and enjoy a colorful, cartoony like game, than Beach Buggy Blitz is the right place where you can test your driving skills to play around with. Developed by Vector Unit, it is a free game and well done.

Number 9: Carmageddon (Price: $0.99)

Carmageddon is that old-fashioned game that still rocks when playing among the 36 levels and against its 28 opponents. Combined with a little bit of humor, the game will definitely cheer you up.

Number 8: Death Rally (Price: Free)

Death Rally is a free game that lets you race, shoot your enemies while going through levels and set explosions on your way. It is a game for those who love adrenaline and shooting action.

Number 7: Motorcross Meltdown (Price: Free)

If you are fond of bike racing, than Motorcross Meltdown is that game that will really melt your shoes down when hitting the brake paddle. The game is interesting to play since it allows you the chance of creating your very own rider and also customize your motorbike. It comes with decent graphics but with more than one million downloads.

Number 6: Racing Thunder 2 (Price: Free)

The sequel Racing Thunder is another old-fashioned game coming with decent design and graphics, but managing to attract players from different cross platforms. The ten million downloads is a truth that the game is worth playing.

Number 5: Real Racing 3 (Price: Free)

You can rely on this game to be fun, since it is developed by the EA game studio, coming with pretty good graphics and featuring a multiplayer mode, with fun cars and real tracks. You can race by choosing the in-car view when driving. There are also more than 1000 events to play through, so if you are a real car racing fan, just put it on your list.

Number 4: GT Racing 2: The Real Car Exp (Price: Free)

Racing fans all over the world recognize a great racing game when seeing one. GT Racing 2 is that game with extraordinary graphics developed by the famous Gameloft also to develop the Asphalt series. The game is extraordinary accurate in terms of movement, first-person view and that sense of reality when racing on the tracks. It is a free game, but you can also purchase some special car features in case you can`t manage to finish between the first drivers.

Number 3: Fast & Furious 6: The Game (Price: Free)

Here we are guys with our number 3 on the list and counting down. Fast & Furious 6: The game, is today`s our number 3 with a decent racing action and different game modes like Heist Mode, which gives you the ability of committing crimes for money. More than that, it also enhances a lot of other features like unlockable cars, customization options or cameos from the crew found in the movie.

Number 2: Asphalt 8: Airbone (Price: Free)

This is a game that is really worth trying for hours, as the entire Asphalt series itself is a benchmark for all other racing games. It is great and can compete at almost every level, like graphics, game play or multiplayer support. There are a lot of cars to be unlocked on a lot of races to test your skills. Action modes like drifting make the game unique and fun to play.

Number 1: Need for Speed Most Wanted (Price: $4.99)

Here we are guys, with the famous Need for Speed Most Wanted as our number 1 game in today`s list , the game that I am so personally crazy about it! Don’t get me wrong, there were another bunch of guys to set this racing game list, so it was more of a unanimous decision. And perhaps the game does deserve to win today.

The game is smooth, have excellent graphics in terms of real play situations and it is also the most favorite amongst millions on Android users. You will have to pay a mere $4.99, but you won`t regret it after all.

This is it folks, with our ten best racing games on Android. In case we missed one out, please do to tell us! Don’t forget to write and tell us if the list is the right one and which racing game did you most enjoy! Cheers!

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