Install Android 8 Oreo Launcher on any Android Device

If you are also dreaming of getting the Oreo Launcher on your Android device, there is no person telling you that you cannot do it. In fact, if you want to experience Android 8 Oreo Launcher on your Android handset, this guide is here to show you how easy is to do that.

Android 8.0 also known as the android Oreo is the most recent Android version from Google and the beginning of a new Android era. We were all waiting for this to happen, especially since the new OS comes with many new features and upgrades.

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There are many devices which were in line for that and I bet that yours is ready for the big change too. Let me tell you that the Android Oreo Launcher is also known as Pixel launcher and basically it is ported out from the official Android 8.0 developer preview, The best thing about it is that you can also install it in a non-rooted device and the requirements are minimum.

For successfully installing the launcher, you must make sure that:

  • Your handset has active internet connection;
  • It must also be properly charged;
  • Your device is at least running on Jellybean Android version.

Install Android 8 Oreo Launcher on any Android Device as an APK:

  1. Grab the Latest Oreo Launcher; the Android Oreo Launcher APK is waiting for you;
  2. It is the perfect time to install it, so go to your Phone’s Settings;
  3. Open Security;
  4. After that, enable Unknown Sources;
  5. Try installing same APK again;
  6. Once the App file is successfully installed, press the home button on your phone and choose Oreo Launcher.
  7. That’s all! You have successfully installed the android 8.0 Launcher on your handset!

Install Android 8 Oreo Launcher on any Android Device via OTA update:

  1. For the start, enter into your Device’s Settings;
  2. Then, head to About Phone Section;
  3. Select on Software Updates;
  4. Check for the Software Update;
  5. At that point, the update should start downloading;
  6. Once the downloading procedure is complete, your handset will automatically flash and reboot into the New Android 8.0 Oreo. Enjoy the Latest Android 8.0 on your device.

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  1. P888586?????? says:

    I have Nougat Pixel Launcher installed in my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It has been running extremely well. It is pure Nougat. Do I need to uninstall Nougat Pixel Launcher first before I install Google Pixel Oreo Launcher? If I install Oreo launcher, will it just update the Pixel launcher?

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