Flash Android Nougat on AT&T Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920A

Have you heard the fact that the Android 7.0 Nougat OTA update is finally available for your AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 5? The device can be updated to the official Android 7.0 Samsung Experience firmware right away and this means more than simply simply getting the latest version, but also a newer security patch level from AOSP. So, what do you say; are you ready to flash the Android Nougat on your AT&T Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920A? If you are, then here I am to help you.

The OTA zip files come directly from the AT&T servers, so there isn’t a thing to worry about. You should have though something else in mind: the preparatory steps. First of all, you must be protected from data loss when it comes to applying the steps from below. Everything from apps, contacts and system settings, to photos or video and even SMS (texts) backup is recommended, so make no confusion!

You must also find your way into Settings> Developer options and enable USB debugging and if you have disabled any system apps, it’s time to enable them from Settings> Applications or the OTA file installation might fail.
I also have to remind you that the OTA package cannot install if it is rooted or has a stock recovery installed on it.

In such a case, just make sure your Galaxy Note 5 is fully stock. And taking another look at the battery status is ideal in such times too, just as you must setup ADB and Fastboot drivers on your Windows PC using the Minimal ADB and Fastboot Tool or the 15 seconds ADB installer one.

Flash Android Nougat on AT&T Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920A:

  1. Grab the Nougat OTA for AT&T Note 5: N920AUCS4CQB2 to N920AUCU4EQC6; This update is from the previous QB2 Nougat Beta version to the latest stable QC6 one and weighs around 1.41 GB in size;
  2. If your Note 5 device is still running on the official Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow based on QA1 Baseband, then download this OTA which is 1.5 GB in size: SS-N920AUCS4CQA1-to-U4EQC6-UP.zip;
  3. Then, you should extract the downloaded zip on your desktop;
  4. Download the appropriate OTA zip files and copy them to the platform-tools folder;
  5. Now, turn off your AT&T Note 5;
  6. Reboot it into the Recovery mode by pressing and holding the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons simultaneously;
  7. Scroll down to apply update via adb option using the Volume down key and select it by pressing the Power key;
  8. Connect your Galaxy Note 5 to the PC;
  9. Open the platform-tools folder;
  10. Place the mouse pointer at any empty space inside the folder window, and press Shift + right click on the mouse; at that point, select the “Open command window here” option;
  11. When the command window is launched, type this command: adb devices;
  12. Then, press the Enter key to check that your device is properly connected;
  13. Now type the following command followed by the name of the OTA zip:
    adb sideload SS-N920AUCS4CQB2-to-U4EQC6-UP.zip
  14. Up next, you need to press the Enter key;
  15. Install the OTA files and you are good to go!

If you face any issues installing the update, feel free to reach out to me via the comments area.

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