Easily Install Weather Widget Effects on LG G3 Lock Screen

Aside from being able to change the wallpaper and add shortcuts, many Android device’s lock screen doesn’t offer much in the department of personalization. The lock screen is efficient and practical, but it’s also a little boring for those who love to personalize things. Let’s say that you are tired of your weather app. What can you do about it?

If so, there are some interesting Weather Widget applications that you could grab on your Android device. They display realistic video effects of cloudiness, rain, or snow supporting multiple locations world-wide. They can also include information like humidity, high and low temperatures, or forecasts for the next few days. It just depends what you are looking for and be sure that you can find it.

Do you want to activate weather widget effects on your LG G3 lock screen? Your handset might not be quite new, but who says that you cannot have fun with it? The below procedure requires root access indeed, but the MODDED LGKeyguard.apk for the lock screen weather effects is totally worth of that. And since you are not afraid of playing, the procedure here described is perfect for you:

Install Weather Widget Effects on LG G3 Lock Screen:

  1. First of all, you have to download the Weather effects widget app into your device;
  2. Install the APK;
  3. Then, you need to set the correct permissions as following: rw-r–r–;
  4. Go to System > Priv-app;
  5. Here it’s time to delete an application called LGKeyguard.odex;
  6. To keep the changes, don’t forget to reboot your LG G3 phone.

Like that, you will never be caught off guard by a particularly hot or rainy day. No person wants to be the only one walking around with a T-shirt and sandals on a rainy day. And those beautiful weather effects on the lock screen make sure that you feel the weather vibe all the way, so it’s a bit more than simply informing you.

So, what do you think of this app? Use the comments section to let other readers know too.

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