A Narrative-Puzzle Game for your Android Device: Framed

Do you miss some fresh air in the industry of gaming? Framed is one of the best Android games of its kind and that is why you should give it a try. This is a narrative-puzzle game that plays like an animated comic book. Every single page of the noir thriller presents a series of panels that depict an important action or a specific event.

Players are the ones who can change the order of these events, so they practically have the chance to change the outcome of the story. This results in a special interactive narrative that will make you feel important as you become the one who decides.

Do you want to give it a try on your Android device too? Let me tell you that things seem easy at first. You have to drag frames around and put them in the order you think that is correct. However, as you advance, things get more complicated and the puzzle is much more difficult. You must be careful as there are guards at every corner, and you need to find a way to get past them or you’ll get into trouble.

How can you do that? There is always a trick: sometimes you can hit the switch to turn off the lights, in other cases you find a secret door or you sneak past a blind policemen and so on; then, rearrange everything as fast as you can in order to hit the switch again and power up the door you need to use to escape. Each one of the pages has its special escape, but there’s not a moment for you to rest. You must always run, always stay in the shadows and find a way to move forward.

And if you cannot do that and fail a certain level, then you jump straight back into figuring out the challenge. Maybe this time you will be luckier!

It’s true that the game might reuse some of its ideas and tricks here and there, but the game never feels repetitive. It switches things around very quickly, so I can assure you that it is unlike anything you’ve played before. So, if you are looking for a new type of game experience, you should definitely give it a try! Framed will help you master your puzzle skills and I make no mistake by naming it one of the best puzzle games of 2015.

Take the Framed game from here.

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