How to Have Fun with Elf Adventure (Free)

In case you are looking for a puzzle game that can make you feel the Christmas spirit, then Elf Adventure is an ideal choice for you. being a special game centered around the story of Santa’s elves, Elf Adventure will help you have fun and become a part of an amazing story.

Frank and all the other penguins have raided Santa’s sleigh, mistaking the shiny wrapped gifts for tuna. You can see that it is not their fault, but you cannot leave things this way either!

The elf only chases the penguins to recover presents, which they took only because they thought they were food. The elf jumps onto boxes and moving platforms, eats cookies and donuts, and destroys penguins. He has no weapons, but don’t you think that he has no chance. Even if the only way he can defeat a penguin is to run into it or jump on it, he can win. However, keep in mind the fact that you play against the clock, with goals the elf must reach for you to progress, but be careful about the fact that the elf has a limited number of lives, which you can’t increase in no circumstances.

So, in other words, your main objective is to navigate Oliver the Elf through the city of Kringleville and chase down the cute penguin and reclaim the stolen loot. You must recover a certain number of gifts each round before time runs out to advance to the next level, but this is so fun! Adventure Elf can keep both kids and adults amused, so why not giving it a try?

Elf Adventure (Free) is waiting for you, so don’t hesitate to grab it by entering here and install it onto your Android handset as soon as possible! Then, let your adventure begin!

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