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Many people don’t quit smoking because they think it’s too hard, and it’s true that for most people quitting isn’t easy. After all, the nicotine in cigarettes is a powerfully addictive drug. But with the right approach and the necessary help next to you, you can overcome the cravings and achieve your goal.

Even more, you should be aware of the fact that it may take more than one attempt to stop smoking. About 45 million Americans use some form of nicotine, and only 5 percent of users are able to quit during their first attempt, but who says that you should give up? Here I want to tell you more about a very popular app which aims to help you. I am talking about Quit smoking – QuitNow! which can provide help and provide useful tips for quitting smoking. At the same time, you will receive encouraging messages with the help of the app’s chat that helps you avoid the temptation.

The app will inform you about the time since your last drag, the cigarettes that haven’t yellowed your fingers, the money you’ve been saving by not smoking, the evolution of your health improvements as per the World Health Organization indicators and much more.

However, what I particularly like about this app is its community. You can a join a chat with people that will support you and talk with you during your craving times. Apart from that, this app is packed with useful achievements and health statistic in a similar way that “Smoke-Free” was. As a result, it depends only on your taste on whether you will choose “QuitNow!” over it.

However, its crammed home screen is no advantage, but are you willing to accept that? Be one of those two millions of ex-smokers who have improved their health with QuitNow! Download the app and create your profile now!

Quit smoking – QuitNow! is available at this link.

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