TWRP recovery available for Galaxy Gear

Galaxy Gear is an Android-based smartwatch which feels a premium choice thanks to its aluminum face, rubber wrist-strap and not only. Since we had first seen it, it was impossible not to remark all these, as well as the fact that it is splash proof or that it has a variety of color options from the classic black, the soft beige or grey to orange, green and even yellow. And we can also guarantee that it feels very secure on your wrist and there’s no chance to fall off and lose it, being pretty big with its 1.63-inch screen an 11.1mm thickness, but yet more comfortable than you could imagine.

Besides all these, not so long ago we have seen the first proper custom ROM available for Samsung’s smartwatch and now the promised TWRP recovery is available as well. This recovery is in beta, but we can assure you that it will function flawless when it comes to installing zips and backing up, or restoring data, according to our source.

TWRP recovery available for Galaxy Gear

TWRP recovery available for Galaxy Gear

And we also like that its 1.63-inch Super AMOLED display features a 320-by-320-pixel resolution, offering us vibrant colors, not to mention the it continuously notifies you of the new messages, calls and so on from your phone. Even more, you can actually take calls and the quality matches that of a usual mobile device, not to mention that you can simply add a set of Bluetooth headphones.

We have though a problem with fact that it is only compatible only with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy 10.1, although we would have wanted it compatible with many other Android devices. As for the lack of email support, it is another problem that you’ll have to accept if you are the owner of this Galaxy Gear smartwatch.

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